What should I wear?

Dance clothing is specifically designed to make you comfortable and allow for plenty of movement; the right dancewear is essential.

Footwear too must be just right and will help you in terms of confidence and safety – these are the tools of your trade if you like.

Look like a dancer, feel like a dancer, be a dancer.

How to order dancewear

Orders for all dance clothing mentioned in the Uniform Guide below can be made through TPAI. Any additional dancewear you may require, even if not specifically mentioned below, can also be purchased via TPAI.

Prices for all items will vary depending on size ordered.

For more information, or to place an order, see Michelle at your next class or contact her on 07786 292960.

Uniform Guide

» Ballet

Ballet Girls:
Black Leotard
Pink Ballet Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes

Ballet Skirt
Style of leotard

Ballet Boys:
White Top
Black Ballet Tights
Black Ballet Shoes

Black Unitard

» Tap

Girls - Black Leotard
Boys – White Top
Black Jazz / Sweat Pants
Black Tap Shoes

Style of leotard

» Modern

Girls: Black Leotard
Girls: Black Footless Tights
Boys: Black Jazz Pants
Boys: White Top
Black Jazz Shoes

Black Jazz Shoes or Bare Foot
Style of leotard

» Street

Coloured Top
Black Tracksuit Bottoms
Black Jazz Shoes

Free to create your own style!!

» Cheerleading

Colourful Top
Black Leggings or Black Jazz Pants

Cheerleading skirts

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