Modern Dance

Modern DanceModern dance was created to break away from the discipline of classical ballet and is very free and relaxed; it originated from jazz dance in America. We encourage dancers to use their emotions and moods to demonstrate the new steps and skills they've learned including the use of space, travelling steps and flexibility.

Modern dance classes at TPAI are available for all ages from two years and up and all levels of experience. Always with students of similar abilities, you can take classes all the way from primary through to advanced grades and adult classes are of an open, freestyle nature.

You can take regular exams that will give you fully accredited qualifications from I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) but whether you're studying or not, our modern dance classes are a fantastic way to keep fit with lots of stretching and core strength exercises. You'll meet new people and if you really want to focus on your craft we can even provide private tuition.

Why not expand your love of dance and learn other styles: we also offer classes for all ages and abilities in ballet, tap, street dance, and even cheerleading.

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